November 16, 2009

I recently moved to a new place few miles from the old place I spent almost 4 years in. A really cool new apartment closer to work and nature, so guess what, recently I had less time to play :). And what's funy too is that I have to choose way more what i like and don't, with less and less time available for the video game media...
I can't wait for Thx giving for instance, because It will be Uncharted 2 time for me this year :)...

I still tried lots of games thought demos, and specially on PSP. Like i said on a previous post, with the PSn store, my 1st gen PSP never been so turned ON since I bought it for it's launch. I's downloading everything thru my PS3, even if could do it directly from my PSP, I just prefer saving everything on the PS3's hard drive, and with a 4 gigs memory stick, having all those demo is a great feature for Sony's handle imo. I even bought a game "Prinny : Can I Really Be the Hero ?", 1st game bought on PSP for those last three years... Unbelievable :)...
I downloaded Jack and Daxter and MotorStrom: Artic edge demo recently and will try them this week.

At work, I'm playing with a friend to PES 2010 when we have time during lunches, and it's definitely an improvement compare to the previous year and years... at last, thx to EA for making this market competitive again with their Suppose to be awesome FIFA 2010... It make PES way better now :).

At home, I'm finishing Dead SPace still (still liking it, it just take me some time ;), and tried recently Wii fit with my girlfriend, Did not bought it, i finally found a friend not using it anymore so i can borrow it and try this. I'll get back to my impression on this all game and Balance board market on another post (I hope).

I started to play yesterday Super Mario Bros Wii, one and two player, and it's lots of fun both way... and I went back playing to Wii sport Resort on my own, and realize how fun it is actually when you get the time and courage to stand up and play it.

And realize too that my 360 will not be turned on for a while anymore, Now that I received my Netflix Ps3 disc , maybe for some Xbox live arcade or some Exclusive game here and there... having 5 consoles is way too much, fortunately, most people are not like me, and just own the one they need or want, and one is usually WAyyyy enough :).

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