October 26, 2009

THE big news of the week, (couldn't’t wait next week end to post it)... Netflix is coming to Ps3 (Here).
While Microsot is announcing some increase profit in the game or entertainment section today, I wondered how much people are like me, owning both consoles, and will definitely switch from Xbox live gold membership (you’re paying for) to watch Netflix, to the free Ps3 online services...

360 to me is a really good console, with at least two exclusive game that worth the buy (Gears of war and Geometry wars), but since then, it's a little bit empty (in terms of exclusive), despite some good xbox live titles I must say (let's not forget them). But since the "new" Xbox horrible Dashboard update, where it take me so much time to check my games, or go to my Netflix account, lost in so many Ads and options all over the place, with this still stupid gold membership you have to pay to get, I really turned less and less my noisy 360 on... and it seems it's not gonna changes that much in the future... Good for you Sony, let’s see Microsoft Answer now, let’s the battle continue :).

Edit: for Europeans readers, it's important to know what Netflix is providing and why it's so great: let's skip the Awesome DVD/Blue ray delivered at home, "For $8.99 a month, members can stream unlimited movies and TV episodes to their TVs and computers via Netflix ready devices..." You understand Better how this is the best answers to Piracy, yeap, what is the point to go look for a freaking movie on Emule and other torrents when i can have so easily so many movies anytime i want on my computer or console... When I'm back in France, the price of one movie to rent online is 5 bucks... pretty stupid and so last centuries.
When I'm following the all Hadopi Law in France, and thinks that just this would resolved everything, it's sad and funny at the same time

And while I was speaking on last post about Ipod Piracy, I guess some guys start to be not happy about it. (I know i would be pissed too, stupid peoples spending 200$ for a freaking phone and being cheap and not spending 2$ on a game or application... lame !).


MMoi said...

You found the point, but you missed it : the guys pay 200 bucks for a phone and then say "hey, why should I pay more for some extra contents ? isn't this phone expensive enough ? once again a marketing s*** from Apple..."

The problem is, 70% of the apps money isn't for Apple...

Anyways, what can we do about that ? DRM are proved to be anti-productive thus only used by "slow to move to the next step fat asses" big companies, and any other protection solution is just a pain for the user and a plain loss of money for the developer. Even if Apple managed the countermeasure, any of its move would be deciphered by hackers within a week.

Nico. said...

It's not about DRM and Protection, it's all about Teaching to consumers what the choice they make represents, so at least, some of them realise the reality of their choice and become more honest than they already are :).