October 24, 2009

Busy week...
I discoverd (thx to Josh) A life well Wasted. A podcast really cool to listen to with lots of work in the sound editing...

Check out this very interesting article about Piracy on Itune store market: (French here)

I updated my PSP (first generation) (from an old un-official 3.4 to Official latest) and started to download demos and buy digital games, and i think this console suddenly become awesome again with a playstatiion store improving the all experience and Memory card big enough to carry severals games or medias. I tried lots of big games, but the only two i would recommend you should take a look at are: "Half minute Hero" and "Holly invasion of Privacy, Badman", very different and funny. I bought too "Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?" that i really like so far.

On Wii, I of course bought Lost wind 2 (Just started, but loving it so far too), and i might be interested later if the controls are tight by "ShadowPlay" later (trailer).

On PS3, I'm playing slowly to the very good (even if not scary so far) Dead Space, and might get Shatter (video review) that seem to be really fun.

What's funny too is that it seems i'm playing a lot right now, But I have not that much time, playing games is probably taking 2-3h hours of my weeks max!

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