June 21, 2009

It's ipod Apps review time !!.

Like I said before, I'm not using that much my ipod but it's really a nice multimedia handle object!
I updated the OS to rev. 3.0 without knowing really what was new (I must say i still don't really know except the "copy past" now available), but I recently started to buy some apps for 0.99, it took me some time after not founding any that i thought was really interesting more than the 5 minutes i had with the demos or lite version that i could found available on the store...

so, first, let's talk about the apps i bought, you will probably not found here some secret unknown apps, but hey, I want to share my points :)

  • Peggle: I bought it because it's 0.99. I must say, i don't get what people like about this game, that i tried on PC back then with a long free demo few month ago. Anyway, i thought it was a good deal, probably a game more tight to the Iphod. After playing longer to the game now, i still don't get what is good or even remotely interesting or fun about this game. It's even pretty boring to play, but at least, I can see how it make you spent lot of time if you really have nothing else to do! The game is at least still really well polished, that's I think one of it's really high point, with it's horrible graphic art direction.
  • Critter Crunch: A puzzle game soon to be released for PSN (nice trailer). There is a demo version of this game and until now, i stayed with it, but it was on sale recently for 0.99 and i thought that at this price, it was one of the title i would play sometimes if i had too. The concept is simple, the controls are nice and the graphics really cool. Nothing you can't do on a ds or any other platform, but it's a nice time killer for Ipod owners.
I bought some other game but haven't played them enough yet to really have an opinion again, so, more next time!
Now, let's speak about the one i tried and did not bought, or the free ones.

  • Chase the dots, and One dot Enemies are free, very simple and well done enough for you to try. Both are very similar (touch the fastest you can a big or small dot) but really different in their concept. I kept them both on my ipod because i still launch them once in a while. I would not pay for those 15 second time killer. I just saw a demo of Retro player by the creators of ODE btw, Something i will not buy but i can see getting if it's dropping at 0.99 or for free. I give them both
  • Zen Bound is one of the "Ipod exclusive" game to me, You can really see how the game is fit for the hardware it's been made on. I will pick it up once the price will drop, the reason i did not bought it already is because It's not completely my type of game and would not play it that much. The demo is really working well and you will know if you like the game of not after trying it.
  • Idracula is really nicely done, but boring and repetitive after few minutes, with controls that are working, but are not fantastic compare to any game with an analog stick. Maybe this kind of game are simply not meant to be for this plateform. the demo is great to try though because it is a really pretty and well polished game.
  • Zombieville USA is like Idracula, well done and simply fun, with horrible controls, and repetitive too. the free demo is really giving to me all I needed.
  • Dapple is a puzzle game, a Bejeweld-like, with a original twist based on color, but i did not liked it at all.
  • Brick breaker 3D revolution is an Arkanoid-like game in 3d, with some good idea but not really good control and average graphics. the demo if you even download it give you way enough.
  • Sway is a 3d rip-of of Nintendo's GBA and Ds game DK jungle. The trailer was pretty neat and the concept a good idea for ipod, the game is everything but a success with horrible control... try the demo, you'll see how horrible it is.
  • Up There, a simple idea of a game you will play 3 minutes and never launch again, the free demo is perfect to keep your money in your bank account.
  • Race for home is a nice little game, but here too, the demo was way giving way enough for me to enjoy it 5 minutes and liking the ideas and game, but it's a game i will never launch again, so no point for me to buy it, even for $0.99.

Well, that's all for today!
I know I should have talked about Hardware price and analyze all this for the different consoles, and speak about what was next, but I may do that later now that every other website spoke about it recently too. I'm not paid by Wedbush Morgan to tell the future with more accurate knowledge than people they work with, so I'll just take my time for my point of view anyway :).

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