June 8, 2009

E3 was... great!
The best one I’ve been too, one day there, and lot of fun, not too crowded or noisy, awesome games, beautiful girls around (never bad), and some friends and ex-co workers met randomly too.
I will of course not make a huge article about all this, I have nothing really new to tell here that you would have read somewhere else, so let's cut to the only personal point I can bring, which are my "best of the show" and conclusions...

My five best games of the show are:
5- Mario Galaxy 2 (wii)
4- New Mario Bros (wii)
3- God of War 3 (ps3)
2- Uncharted 2 (ps3)
1- The last guardian (ps3)

So what to say about this top 5
* Like you've guess, two games from this list were not playable during this E3, but I know those games will be awesome from what was shown.
* The two Mario games are there, but I'm a Mario Fan and a plateformer addict, so guess what? I'm going to play those Mario as soon as they'll be available.
* Three ps3 games at the top spot, that mean for the first time three games exclusive for this console I want and need to play, so, I will buy a ps3 soon then… And by soon, I, of course, mean as soon as the ps3 lite will be available if it exist, or at least, the price of the current one will go down (my next article will be about price drop btw).
* The last guardian is number one, way on top of all others! There is not even a slight hesitation in my mind, this is THE game I’m waiting for, it just crushes everything around, it is beautiful and I can’t wait to live this new experience…

Of course, their was a LOT of other really awesome game, yeap, it was impressive, and I will play a lot of them I hope in the year to come… so it's was a hard pick...but in a top 5, you can only choose 5 :).

To finish with this e3, this is some personal opinion I noticed during this E3:
* For the first time, most Wii games look way prettier than any PSP ones! And by itself, the PSP seems "old gen" too, even with the last games presented. Only Soul Calibur was looking and playing great, the rest seemed very disappointing and un-appealing to me.
* Nintendo changed video game for ever with the new way to play, and the wii motion+, Sony-mote and Project Natal will definitely play a huge role in the future, even if for the last two one, I can bet that they will not be available before Christmas 2010.
I’m sure we'll see them on the show floor next E3 and not until then, with real game to launch and a price, bundles and other announcement for sure.
* Microsoft with the project Natal might have the best new tech IMO. and new way to play. I'm impressed (by the idea), and not by the marketing videos making you believe that it is great and working perfectly... I’m sure it will be a push different enough from the Wii/Ps3stick for a real new way to play certain games. Congrats Microsoft for the effort, it’s up to you not to blow it…

The next gen is not even close to arrive in my mind, (I bet on Christmas 2012)… but it’s great! We all have so much to learn from this new generation still, in terms of gameplay, production, quality, size and type of project and market… So many things to learn during those exciting time… when you get back to your desk with these big challenges, new steps to climbs, and wondering: “now, how can I do this, and how can I do better!!!

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