September 8, 2009

Two weeks ago already, I had the pleasure to get a PS3 slim!
Almost four year after the Xbox 2, three after the Wii, Sony is providing a replacment for it's ps2: a finished product at the right price, with available good games and AAA titles to come (My hopes goes to "The last guardian", "Uncharted 2" and "God of war 3").

And Yes! Their was a Beta product that around 10 millions of people bought at a way too expensive price for a non finished product, with a firmeware and options too basic to be compared to Xbox and Wii ones, with a Joypad without vibrations, or with some disconnection while you're playing, and a giant size, consuming an amount of electricity way too high to be consider "green" to me.

But don't get me wrong, I never hate the previous PS3, I just had no interest at all on this unfinished product until now...

Anyway, since last week, I have one, simply because the right product was available, and since then, I must say it's THE console always turned on in my living room. Even if nothing's perfect (online connection problems, stupid Dvd player interface (look at Microsfot's one), It's a really good piece of hardware, it's silent and allow me to try several new games, sometimes even good ones. :)

To make a quick list of what I already got my hands on, I played and finished Heavenly sword (what a terrible game, It's when i'm playing a so terrible boss that i would like to have the game designer in front of me so he can explain if he is just dumb, or if his stupid producer asked him to do the boss in two days).
I tried Motorstorm (the first one, very fun), Warhawk (good online Battlefield like), and bought Flower (started to play, very relaxing), Fat Princess (really fun but not finished yet IMO, some important control are missing and it's a bit too expensive), Pixeljunk monster (the two players mode is awesome), Ratchet and clank quest for Booty (very pretty, same game as ps2 one so far thought) and have way more game to try (I just finished Resident evil 4 on 360, took me for ever... :)

Otherwise, I'm still playing to Plant vs Zombie and The dig (i'm stuck :) on my Ima(P)c, and tried Warhammer Online during 10 days on Mac Os, ( well, it's just not for me anymore those MMO).
I'm playing too much of this Xpert eleven game too. SO simple so good, specially in league with friends :P...

I'll have to make a post soon about several browser games recently tried.
I'm not up to date for this kind of game, but they are so good you have to try them if you haven't already.

'till next time, have a nice week.

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