February 1, 2009

Nintendo, new impressive leader of home and handle console that nobody was expecting to be alive four years ago, is sure to be the leader in Japan, with the two best selling titles to come, Dragon Quest and Monster Hunters. When you see how much this one is selling on PSP, it's of course a fantastic opportunity for Capcom and Nintendo to both sell their new products. And even if MH sold like crazy on Ps2, The question can be ask, since the success become a killer aps on PSP, to wonder if MH is like Pokemon, a product working and made for portable device, and that will perform way less on a home console in the living room of every Wii owner... We will see i guess, but i really wonder if this Monster Hunter 3 will be such a deal on the Wii. A sucess, certainly, because of the name, but a selling storm equivalent to FF or DQ? I guess it will be their real test!

Last week, I finish updating my website www.Nicolasriviere.com.
It's not impressive and kinda old webdesign, but I updated some Video-reel and pictures, so, it's now more up to date and clear... I'm working, from home every week-end, on two personal game projects too, we'll see how it goes. Nothing new or impresive, just two little ideas I had and I found some friends who wants to code and help me to do some prototypes to see how it can work, things are going forward slowly but well, it's promising.

to finish this post (I think i will post once every two weeks from now on), some links I would like to share:
- the little Online game of the week for me was: Puzzle quest galactrix.
- I discovered Stargazer, the new Killer demo from Andromeda. If you're computer is too old to make it run, check out the video.
- The Blog of Julien Charles, a friend(fom Supinfocom) making a cool short Movie.

And Ready at dawn Studios is looking for some Senior Animators and other jobs too for our next two projects, so contact me or them directly if your interested.
Have a nice week!

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