January 17, 2009

Hi everyone

Well, to start with, I would like to wish you a very happy new year. It seems that the time to come might be stressful for lots of us, so I hope things will go for the best, specially when it comes to Health and love, the most important things when it come to go through other hard events.

I will start this year by a list of the games i played and not played, liked and didn't like in 08, a sum-up with a small comment when there is something to say about a title.

Old games played in 2008:
Pac man Championship Edition (360)--> My second Favorite Xbox live Arcade after the Geometry wars games, so addictive and fun, the first Pacman I ever liked.
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) --> finished this one in February 08, Best plateformer of this generation, one of the best ever in 3d.
Tomb Raider Anniversary (360) --> Finished this one in February too on 360. good game with a lake of polish and a bit too long.
Black and white 2 (Pc): yeap, it's an old game but i played and finish it this year, It's an impressive engine but a repetitive game. Better in terms of gameplay than the first one, but unfortunately less “Tamagoshi” than the first one.
Assassin's creed (360) --> I finished this one in April, I liked it a lot, even if way too repetitive at the end... You really have to like collective flags to enjoy this one :).
Trackmania (pc) -> This game is awesome, and free on the Steam service, I liked it so much i bought the extended version, It reminded me my old time favorite “Stunt car” (Amiga, St), really cool...

Games of 2008 I played and finished
Geometry wars 2 (360) --> My game of the year. I continue to play it few minutes when i have the time, so addictive and fun...
Gear of war 2 --> one of the best title of 2008, I finished it on a single player mode, it was really good. then played some co-op levels, and all the different modes online, really good too (and even more when all the bugs, or most of them will be out). Just too bad you have to pay Live to play online.
Loswind --> One of the best game of the Wii this year, I loved everything about it, even the length.
Soulcalibure 4 --> really fun as usual, if you have friends to play against of course... for the rest, haven't played online and not really hard core enough to continue to play to be better at it.
Audiosurf --> fun 4 minutes, and... well, too late, you bought it because they desarved it a lot! A pure casual game.
Mariokart Wii --> I played a lot to the game during one month, since then... Well, definitely don't have the time anymore for anything, dan it, one of the best game of this year, specially with the excellent free online added.
Portal (360) --> really cool game and concept... maybe 15 minutes too long on the last level.
Rez HD (360) --> Not as awesome as fans are saying, but definitely fun and different.
Spore --> Probably the Most Disappointing title of last year, I played it one week end since then, Never launched it again.
Pop (wiiware) -> Alright casual game, I played with it perhaps one week.

Games I just try or started or not finished yet:
World of Goo (Wii)--> the best game of the Wii for me this year, with Mario Galaxy.
Little big planet (Ps3)--> I played this one with friends only, and i was very disappointed! Awesome visuals and shaders thought, the prettiest game of 2008.
No more heroes (Wii) --> fun, but not my kind of game, really intensive boss fight thought, and a good use of the Wiimote.
Castle Crasher (360)-> lots of fun when you play with friends
Left 4 dead (Pc)-> I liked the demo, not enough to buy it though.
Team Forteress 2 (Pc) -> I play some short games sometimes, way to fast for me, I prefere the Gears of War pacing.
Castelvania Order of Ecclesia (Ds)-> the game i Played on DS this holiday season, not yet finished but awesome, i like it a lot.
Prof Layton (Ds)-> awesome, I love it !!!
Prince of Persia (360)-> In progress, even if i'm not that motivated to get back to it. really pretty but so boring.
Wario Land the shake dimension (Wii) --> I almost at the end of this one, it's a good 2d old plateformer game, but i don't have the time to put into it to really appreciated the really deep game design when it come to found all the tricks hidden in levels.
Zak ad Wiki (Wii)--> I bought it the first day it came out, and it still on my desk, I putted one hour into it, it seemed awesome.
Tales of Vesperia (360): I stopped after 4-5 hours into the game, too boring and childish for me.
FF tactics A2 (Ds)-> So good, but will i ever finish it ?
Zelda Phantom Hourglasss (Ds)-> Awesome, but i stopped, I hope i will have the time to come back to it.

Game of 2008 that I missed but that i Will Try:
Gta 4 --> not played yet, but.. will I? I should make an effort, still haven't play a GTA game yet...
Dead Space --> The game i will try to play after I will have finished Pop
Tomb Raider --> I will certainly try this one someday
Patapon --> still un-open on my desk... where is my Psp btw?
Rhythm Tengoku --> Because seems SO fun.
Mirror's edge --> the demo is cool, I might borrow the game from the office to try it more and see if I get into it. Really cool and original graphical point of view for this strange title for me... When it came to platform and video game in general, I prefer Mario and Third person or 2d point of view then FP view...

Game I want to try or play but I don't have the time for:
De blog, Bomblox, Braid, Pixeljunks, The last guy, Echocrome, Wipeout 3, Fable II, Bangai O spirit, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Fallout 3, valkyria Chronicles, Dragon quest Ds, chrono trigger, space invader extreme, Fire Emblem: shadow dragon, Warhammer online, Lost odyssey, Condamned 2, Shaun white wii, Viva Pinata 2, Trauma Center new blood, Wii Fit.

Good game I missed on Purpose because i'm simply not interested at all:
Metal gear solid 4, GT5 prologue, Burnout paradise, Ace attorney, Crysis, Farcry 2, Mass effect, Super smash brother, Resistance 2, Persona 3, Loco roco 2, Megaman 9, Penny Arcade Adventures, Bionic commando rearmed, , Disaster, Top spin 3, Unfinite Undescovery, The last remnant, Devil may cry 4, Battlefield: bad company, Haze, Alone in the dark, Banjo Kazooi, Guitar hero 4 and Rock band 2, Wii Music.

Games I wish i'll play in 2009:
Team Ico game
Diablo 3.

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MMoi said...

Yeah so much good games on 2009... and I'm still struggling on playings 5 years old stuff !

I'll never be able to play all of this, or even a small part of it :(