February 8, 2009

It was unfortunately expected, despite the good sales of last year, It's layoff time almost everywhere, and the video game industry is like others, striked hardly, with lot of guys now facing unemployment.... it sucks, I have the chance to have a Job today, And I still think every day how lucky i am and how it could be something different tomorrow, and how it is probably difficult for thoses hundreds of people looking for a job right now!
I hope for the best for everyone...

Well, It's not much, but we're hiring.

This week, some guys spread false and unverified information about us btw. Thx for the free ad based on nothing... (yeap, i'm not giving your links, No free click in return for me :). Ho and to finish, Mister Dan Whitehead (yeap, no link for you either :), your arguments on Re5 are really... annoying to me right now. Yes, you have play the game and i haven't, so i'll wait to have my final opinion on your "racist" interrogation when the game will be in my hand, but "bordel de merde" (yeah, i hate american trash talk, base on "Holy" and "religious" things that i don't believe in :)... You better be right, because if you're not, I will not go easy on you (meaning you just be insulted on my blog, not that important I guess :).

on a more constructive subject, please check out this very good free video analiser... Kineova
I'm testing it since few weeks and We will try to use that to criticize the work of other animator in our cinematic department, we'll see if it's bringing something and help us improving our animations.

check out too An interesting video of David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Ruby on Rails framework (Never heard of that but i guess seems to be known :) giving insight into creating a profitable startup company, and, Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age: A New Model for the Workplace where Pixar University's Randy Nelson explains what schools must do to prepare students for jobs in new media.

To finish this week, a reallly cool game you have to try... Auditorium. (thx to Romain for the link).

and some fantastically restored memories of good old time...

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