October 4, 2008

Well... Nintendo did present their new DS for Japan. My guesses were wrong : it will not come to US this year but around April 2009. It's making way more sense (Sales are shrinking in Japan, not in Europe and US, and GHotour is Hudge here too and need the GBA port), and I guess it will be distributed in Europe between april and september 2009 then. This Dsi is not appealing to me that much, because of the strange higher price... Put it at the same Price and it become a "must buy", but more expensive with less battery time?... hum... as a gamer already owning it, there is no reason to replace mine, probably not part of thoses 20% (this time ;P.
Or perhaps Nintendo is smart enough to sell this DSi at an expensive price in Japan, and annouce a general price cut in April (DSi at $139, DSL at $99)... after all, everyone is saying that they should increase the price of the Wii this xmas, they would still be out of stock, so maybe they are simply aplying this move to their new "soon out of stock" console.

This week, I continued to play Wario, a fun game, that i'll probably put on a side quickly though, to play next on Wii De Blog and World of Goo. A friend lent me Tales of Vesperia on 360... Well, it's beautiful but I'm not sure i'll really enjoy the short trip i might do with this, specially because my 360 still die on me randomly :(... I think more and more than next week, I'll have a PS3 in my living room!
Oh, and I try and play Gravitron 2 too: really cool graphics and polished game, just... not for me anymore, don't have the time and reflexes I guess :P.


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