October 11, 2008

This TGS is interesting, and way less disappointing than last year's one. The market has decided which hardware will be important next year there, and it's interesting to see games more and more amazing on DS, and using well the PSP and Wii.
There was an interesting article recently on Edge about the japan market and Why it still matters.
I will give you my three favorite Favorite: Klonoa (wii), Oboro Muramasa (wii) and DQ IX (DS).

There were three big disappointing announcements:
- No PS3 "team Ico" game presented,
- The horrible choice to lock the DSi for every region... Horrible, horrible choice, definitely not buying this one !!!
- And closer to me because there is not only TGS this week, the choice to sell three same different Starcraft games (like Pokemon), well, they learned from the best, but come on... (and no, I'm not going to the Blizzcon, too busy this week-end, even if I would love to try Diablo III (don't really care about Starcraft II, I'm more a W3 fan :)

I sent my 360 this week for the third time since i bought it! It was supposed to be my last day of warranty too the day I called, "lucky" right ? Well, I am looking more and more to buy a PS3, but come on Sony, why there is still no LBP pack in US? Japan and Europe will have one !!!
I went back to playing Trackmania Forever, this game is so much fun, and started to update a little my website slowly, I will gives links when everything will be online and ready in few weeks.
and I discovered this cool indie video game show: Byte Jacker. Haven't watch all the episodes yet, but it's kinda cool to watch the game presented and make your own selection.
It was the birthday of my brother this week, I send him the really cool Soul Bubbles for Ds, To bad the game was a Toy's R Us exclusive, you should check it out if you missed it.

And to finish,You should try this really simple and cool browser game, The eyeballing game (my best score is 3.56 :).

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