September 27, 2008

Well, I'm listening every day KPCC Radio while commuting in my old Honda and, the economic problems we're all facing here in US and in the world reminded me how lucky I am to be working, in a sector I love and choose, in a great company in a nice area, with a good salary, and surrounded by great and talented peoples... Lot of parameters I sometimes forget aren't that common compared to millions of peoples. Of course nothing is beautiful and bright, sometimes things are not working like we would like and some frustrations are in our way because of the way this industry is working and need to be changed, but we have to remember that, like what happens to lot of guys in the industry on those difficult times, the worse can happen to some prestigious studios, and everything can be stopped at any time (Ensemble, Lucas Art, Nc Soft and more this summer...).
So remembering that what you fought for and earned will not be their forever is for me important to bounce and started new project and things... Well, anyway, some good interviews are made to break into the video-game industry so go read them :).

I started to play Wario Shake-it on wii and even if it becoming clear that I'm less and less attracted by hard core games, this title is definitely great for plateformer lovers and kids looking for a challenged and well design wii game. I will probably will give it a 7/10.

I picked up for $7 in a Gamestop a Used copy of Tork: Prehistorik punk because I wanted another copy of this game to be able to give it to friends if they want to try it (fully compatible on 360). Even if it has some default, It's still a pretty decent game and I'm still proud to have learned and worked on this unknown title! I would definitely love working on an next-gen sequel.

I still think it's weird not to have automatically 1 to 5 copy of your own work available once it hits the shelves... it's a little bit like the all credits issues ( like latest Mythic one's ), so weird not to be in the main credit because you had to leave the team before the end for a personal or professional reasons while you were their during two years... while some executives guys you've never seen or heard of are their for who the hell no why, and want their name in a scrolling text nobody will ever read...
It's What i like at RAD, this kind of respect is there and everybody who worked on a title are credited and will have a share of the Royalties Pie, Even if they are not working here anymore... Pretty amazing right ?

Check out those interesting articles about third parties abandoning psp and probably getting back to it (at least in Japan for sure). It's cool because it explain how a video game market works and how what you see and analyze now is the result of what happens 12 to 20 month before. The lake of third party on PSP is something we knew was coming at Rad two years ago, and the decision to continue or develop for a console is often made in advanced based on data the public may not be aware of, but that we know are happening. It's a good reminder that the choice a game company is facing is to start to make and produce a game who will be on shelves in two years... so much can changes in this big amount of time... that is unfortunately why Editors are so scared (and stupid), asking you to do what is working now instead of projecting themselves into the future like they should and taking risk on what the market will become and what the public will look for then!
Hell no :P let's do some FPS and Grey, Bloomy and Bumpy games... yeap!

and to finish with what was part of my last post, the winner of this week contest "I am Dumb and prove it to the world" is Melissa Thomas for her ridiculous attempt to earn some money instead of having a brain... we shall see if she found some stupid layers and judge to play with her.

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