September 24, 2008

sorry for the horrible post of yesterday... My loving Girlfriend tried to make it more understandable, I hope you will be able to read it now!
Shame on me, i really have to improve my english grammar a lot!!!

I was reading few days ago, on one of the many Iphone games newsblogs (even if i don't own one, $70 a month?... It's what my cellphone costs in one year right now) about this crappy and annoying habit big dev. have in asking indie dev. to remove their games from the Apple store because they own a right of a game they bought or published before. Often (and fortunately, like you can see in this post), Indie games are renamed and are put back for sale... but it seems that it's hard to know in the first place the exact reasons those games have to be removed... I mean, come on! If it's just because there is the name "Break" or other "Tris" in it, it's just lame and stupid:
Just come with a good game, the right price and the right name that you own... !!! And let others do their games!
A game is not about having an idea and a name, but making and releasing it, with a fun and balanced gameplay, musics, gfx and all... This is where those companies should stand up and be better at, because they have been offering something more Pro and mastered for years... right ?
But no, it seems that Atari, tetris company, inXile Ent. and First Star Software (and I forget probably more losers on this list) suck big time and are not able do so...

It's a little bit like these morons suing Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for building controller because they have the patent X or Z! Well,if you have it, good for you and then use them instead of just faking the invention of "controller with 8 buttons" or "communication interface without wire"... I mean, Judges are pretty dumb too to not kick those stupid vultures away.

And I must say that reading the god of war story made me laugh so much... I would request more than being reimbursed for legal costs incurred in defending myself like Sony and Jaffe do, I would ask those Bissoon-Dath and Barrette-Herzog dudes for more money for making me lose some precious life time, like they do with "lawyers" and "Justice" in general...

Once again, having an idea is nothing until you do it! Copyright what you've done, not what you think... Ideas are free !!!

I've seen that Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360's European install base has broken 6 million units... I thought that they announced 6 million Broken units, totally different but probably closer to reality... ;) once again, I'm so sad this console actually has really good games but is being managed by incompetent dudes  since its launch...

Alright, time to stop being pissed off for nothing tonight because of Adobe Premiere being a total piece of crap making me try to do my work in 4 hours instead of 10 Minutes... I still don't understand how they are selling this unfinished software for years to people... If you're from Adobe and reading this, mail me and i will teach you what to improve or simply make work because it seems you haven't any clue on what's wrong and what you should having taking care of care of since years...

to finish on a good note, I will buy this cool game tomorrow, even if it doesn't seem to have excellent reviews, I want to give it a chance and maybe have some fun with it :).

And i will read a "supposed to be interesting" article "Why Wii Music is genius"... well, it's gonna be hard to convince me on this one (I always thought Wii fit, wii mote or nintendogs was genius when announced before their success, But here...Wii Music? I don't see it ( it would not be the first time, I really thought at launch the DS "tank" would have no chance against PSP, hey, i cannot be right all the time, just have to admit it :).


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