September 19, 2008

Hi Guys, long time no posting… my bad!

I am just becoming older and lazy :)… ‘having less time too! And I must say kinda bored too to write on nothing particularly interesting in the video games world IMO recently.

So, while I’m waiting for my render to finish, let’s talk about what I (and maybe you too) was playing recently:

- I'm playing Spore since last week-end on my IMac and even if it's not a fantastic game per se, it's definitely an enjoyable toy to play with, to loose some time in front of your screen. I haven't yet unlocked all the phases, but I'm having a decent good time going thru all the different four first stages.
Before Spore, I was playing a lot of Trackmania, and when not “playing” I was building my own races; Lot of fun, especially for a free game... I appreciate Steam too since few weeks now and I must say the service is pretty impressive and well done. I Started to play Half Life 2 too, thx to B. for his spare copy. A good game even if I’m not a big fan of FPS and I have a hard time to stay more than 20 min. in front of it.

On console, I played a Lot of Geometry Wars 2… when my 360 was not crashing (no RR unfortunately to return it back) and some multiplayer Castle Crashers with friends it was fun (Yeah, I still refuse to pay to play online, so friends have to come over, way more fun). I will buy a Ps3 soon (the LBP pack I guess), and will at last leave this crappy M$ console forever (or almost, I might not resisting getting back playing to Gears of War 2 multiplayer with free Live redeem code).

That’s all! On the things to come, October 2 will be a big day for Nintendo with their Autumn presss conference in US and Japan, of course, rumors of the new DS + dropping price for the old one are coming back hard. The fact that no conference is set up in Europe plus the recent announcement of DS Packs this Christmas their, would indicate that the New Ds would be for US and Japan for November and February 2009 in Europe... Wait and see... I just know that I will turn on my Wii again in the weeks to come to play Wario, de Blob and World of Goo.

Alright, my render is over!
Yeahhh, it's pretty slick ;)… Hope you guys will be able to see that soon!
Have a nice Week-end.


Anonymous said...

This tool might interest you if you want to play your 360 online, even without a gold membership:

And also: Megaman 9 is out, at least on the wii, but other versions are due in the coming days! =)

Nico. said...

I'm totally NOT into the Megaman 9 trip, I think it's kinda lame, and was never in my mind a good game anyway (waaaaaay to hard)... I would have loved them to go for 8 Bits gfx but with today FX and gameplay and improved technics, like the fabulous "Pac-Man Championships Edition"... :)