January 6, 2008

To be able to speak about our project outside of the office without giving the name of games we working on to someone listening to our conversation on the bus, restaurants, movie lines or else, game developers use some code name for their game. A less paranoid reason would be just because the final name is not known yet too :).

Before it was announced, Daxter was called Project-D… Okami for Wii was called Project-O… Easy enough right? Well... God of War was called "Dax-X" :)… it’s our way to be tricky in case one day, someone wanted to make a post on forums about what next secret PSP game we were working on after hearing from our loud Friday's night conversation in pubs… we did not care about fake project, we are more concerned about a leak with the right project because by contract, it has to stay secret until the game is officially announced.

So, the codename Dax-X was a little funny touch to our ND’s friends, and a way to drive suspicion, if the name came out somewhere, on a Daxter race car game for PSP more than a game with a giant bold angry Spartan warrior in it. :)

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