January 2, 2008

My 2007 Videogame year:

This year was a strange year, and I went from playing a lot those past few years to not play at all... for personal reason, I stopped playing games, stopped having the time to play them, or even the envy and passion to play. I went to a very casual gamer mode. So it's hard to make a selection of game of the year for me this year, i tried and see lot and lot of games, but never experience them myself. Let’s make a point of what i can talk about then.

PC: well, it's been two years I’m not playing anymore on my PC! I discover recently Mythos and i must say, I’m becoming pretty hooked to it... I'm not waiting for any particular game in 2008 on PC, i would love to play Portal though.

PSP: well, i did not turn on my psp "on" this year, except for the GOW demo, and to play Lumines during a trip this summer!!! I would loved to have play Disagae and FF tactics on the system, and i'm not waiting for anything next year for this console except our game and Patapon.

PS2: I played a lot of Guitar heroes, and finish and liked GOW2. That’s all... I tried Odin Sphere but this beautiful game is boring as hell with horrible loading times.

PS3: I don't have one, put some rumble on the controller, little big planet on a pack and I’ll grab one.

Xbox 360: well, i used it a lot as a very loud Dvd player and played a lot of Gear of war while i was still a gold member. I played mostly to Pac man Championship edition, game of the year on this console for me! what else? Not much, I enjoyed Lumines and Marble ultra thx to a price drop. I almost finished the frustrating Tomb Raider anniversary, i tried Viva piñata (kinda fun) will probably try Assassin creeds and Halo 3 solo and that's all for 2007. I'm waiting for Soul Calibure 4 this year.

DS: I love this console, but not played much neither on it. I bought Duck amuck (very fun 5 minutes) and re-played a lot of Elite beat agent. Still have to finish Hotel Dusk Mario vs Donkey, and start Zelda PH. I decided to skip all the other AAA for this console, too many good games!!! I'm waiting for FF tactics A2 for 2008.

Wii: well, being able to found one in September, it was a short year, i started Zelda and stopped before even finishing the first dungeon (so i never went to the free ride horses part)... I was bored. I’m having some fun with Mario Galaxy, and have to found the time to start Zak and Wiki and Fire Emblem. i liked the beginning of Metroid 3, Paper Mario. For 2008, I’m waiting on nothing particular... Mario kart maybe when we'll know a little more about it... and Okami too!

Well, that's it, As you can see, I’m kinda bored and spoiled with video games… probably making them don’t help liking them after all... damn, it was so fun to play thought... Can i be a child again please?

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MMoi said...

You HAVE to play Zelda PH... it's just great.

If you loved Zelda 1 on NES or Zelda 3 on SNES, and couldn't stand Zelda OT on Gamecube (as I do), this game is definitely for you ;)