January 8, 2008

Sony "kill" UMD movie disc by offering PSP owners portable movies from Blu-ray transfer...
Nice move to prepare Psp 2 i guess, slimmer with better battery life, build-in camera, closer to ps3 world, with big memory storage for online downloadable games and no more mechanics disc, ect... but this is just speculation for before the end of 2009 in my little imaginary world :).

and while i'm at it and love to play "Nostradamus 08", (it costs nothing and is always fun to get back and look what crappy guess you made one year before), my guess concerning Nintendo hardware this year is that :

- before next xmas, the WII will be at $149 and still out of stock. Two $199 bundles will be in store, one with Mariokart, one with Wii fit.
- A new design for the DS (thinner, but heavier more high tech/metal) at $129, with the Ds lite now plastic dropping at $99, the console still best hardware seller of 2008.

Let’s see in 12 month how wrong i am :).

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Anonymous said...

Come on, spill the beans. We know you know everything there is to know about the PSP2 ^_^