October 7, 2009

Well, it seems the blog was broken (under Windows Explorer at least), Sorry for not reparing it earlier, but it was working fine under Safari, so, hard to guess I made a Html mistake in my pages when everything was working fine for me :)...

This week end I went to Indie Cad 09 in Culver city, and even if I went kinda late and lots of people were already gone, It was nice to speak with several developers on really original and different fun game avaialble there.

Game wise, I started to play to Uncharted, and after a boring begining and few minor bugs, the game start to take off and become gorgeous with some really cool gameplay moments... Pretty impressive, just take the time to pass the first hour or so of the game. Before starting the second one that is coming out soon (cool ads btw), I'll probably first play Dead Space (one year later but hey, supposed to be a good one) to change a little bit.

I almost took a PSP GO last week too, but i'm a little short on money this month and I might wait for a potential 32 Go version, or a slight 50$ price drop of this 16Go one... I must say that the controle seems better to me and playing Daxter or Gow on a friend's PSP Go was pretty cool. (Daxter is running incredibly smoothly at 333hz (Rad's news), the only game running better than the UMD version).

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