October 12, 2009

Ready at dawn just announced that we will provide and licensing our engine to other companies soon. It's an interesting thing the company is "starting", and it's a blast to think our tools will be soon shared and tested by some other users, because it will make us progress a lot by trying to improve them with different feedback and needs, as much as I'm sure it will be a blast to use and discover for some other teams what we've been developing with for several years now too.

On the release side, It's going to be a big video game week... I will buy "A Boy and His Blob (Wii) and Afrika (PS3) to start with :)... Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legends will have to wait... yeah, that's life !

I still play and enjoy a lot Uncharted, I'm probably kinda close to the end now. Two years after it's release, the game is actually really impressive and fun despite some few slightly weaker points here and there...Congrats to "the Dogs" for this really impressive game that I'm discovering so late.

I forget to mention that right now, I'm playing "NyxQuest, Kindred Spirits" on Wiware too (trailer) and if lot of people are telling me they don't turn on their Wii that often, I'm sure they forget to check all the Wiiware games available, lots of them are actually really good and interesting ones.
If you missed that one, please give it a chance, it's a fun short game at a really nice price.

Hooo, and on a side note, I just read about a news that surprisingly i haven't heard about when it came out few weeks ago, DSiWare purchases cannot be transferred to a new DSi... WOAW, way to do it wrong Nintendo, sometimes, you still do.

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