May 25, 2009

I'm sorry for the lack of news, but I don't have much to tell, and I started less an less to feel the needs to share my opinion with "everyone"... :).

Blogs are soooo last centuries :P... don't you think ?
If neither Tweeter or Myspace interested me, Facebook stole too my Internet time quit a bit, being a way easier tool to share things with friends than writing a all paragraph on blogger, or writing emails to friends... Facebook is a "all in one" that's the spirit.

Anyway, I wanted here to speak about lot of things, like my thought about the Ipod touch, but I must say that I don't use it that much in fact. It's a great tool, but you have to get use to it, and I see it more like an object you become "slave" from but that I don't really need. I can see it totally useful when I'll travel thought.
I tried lot of "lite" apps and game demos, and all of them bored me after 30 seconds! Fortunately, they were free. I haven't found an Apps or game that I wanted to buy yet... so no secret amazing game I found to share with you on it right... now :P.

I'm tempted to change my White Ds lite for a black DSI, mainly because I like the plastic material they used for it and the new interface too. I start to see how having everything on a hard drive instead of having multiple cart per game would please me too. I start to have lot of game for this console and it's almost take more space to bring them all than the actual console.
Changing the Disc every-time I want to play a new game start to bother me too, I'm a really lazy dude now :)... and last time, (yes, i know, it was a long time ago), I was wondering If Skype would make any sense on the soon (but now) available Dsi well, i guess I was not the only one because some others went further few weeks later after my post and ask directly to the right people if things are possible, .
I played quit a bit to Rhythm Heaven that i enjoyed a lot, and less to Space invader Extreme, a good game too.

Recently, I played less on my consoles, well, I played and finished Klonoa for the Wii in one week end (around 5 hours), wich was good and entertaining, but definitely is a game for the younger audience. A fun polished game for the Wii, don't miss it!

I am still playing Re5 (well, not really), a really fun game when you're not fighting the camera. very polished but that is not interested me that much in fact. I tried too recently the last "Tomb raider Underworld" demo and I really liked it, I'll borrow or buy it to give it a deeper look.

I tried Madworld too, played couple of hours and went thru couple of levels and Boss. Same thing, the game is polished and original, but bored me a lot quickly, and definitely achieve my feelings on Japanese developers and game designer needs, to learn to make good and playable cameras for this kind of game... I will not go further with this one...
My next game on Wii is Punch out! anyway, probably one of the best sellers of those few years to come.

On PC (or Mac to be ore accurate ;), I finished my three yearly months of WOW game time... my main character reached level 60 at last... pretty neat ;)... 'time to rest and wait for next year for some more adventures!
I will now move on to DemiGod, as soon as I will be finished with the very fun and casual "Plant vs zombies".

Soon is E3... I will go there again, after all, it's 30 minutes from here!
not really thrilled about it, but at least one day to check it out, it's better to stay home and download trailer and video directly, or demo from your console anyway.
Anyway, you'll see, lots of big good things are coming from all over the world... it's going to be a big E3!...

Even if the only biggest and most important one to me is already leaked... yeap, I really can't wait!

To finish, this is some links on different subjects:

* My Brother is launching is own publishing company of French Comics called Merluche... that's pretty awesome. His first comics is available and another different one is coming out in September, I'm proud of him and happy he is trying to achieve one of his dream, so check it out too.

* I added couple of blog or Webside friends on the side, all of the are awesome, don't hesitate to click and take a look. Check out too, the "Release Candidate 0" of the Orx - a Portable Game Engine a Friend is doing on his own, it's a pretty awesome and simple (to use) 2d engine.

*And last but not least, this older link I wanted to share: the making of Playstation and an awesome game concept presentation: Shadow Physics.

Take care and see you here after E3! :).

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MMoi said...

Rien a raconter ? He bien, qu'est ce que ca serait si tu avais des choses a dire ! ;)

Un bon paquet de jeux testes, bien joue... je me demande bien ce que je fais de mon temps libre pour etre autant a la ramasse sur les sorties.

Merci pour ces quelques impressions, le blog est encore loin d'etre old school ;)