April 5, 2009

Hey guys... long time no see.

I must say i was not in a mood to write, Facebook and some Wow battles took all my Internet time, and had nothing to really say anyway...

Well, I'm back and during those past few month, I finished the new Pop on Xbox2 and I must say that even if some good friends worked on this one too, it's a real disappointment, specially when you can appreciate the amount of work needed and done to at the end produce a such annoying and un-interesting game that nobody will remember in few years. It happens for lot of products anyway, but this one at least had the ambition and was trying it best to become a reference, a must have or a milestone for this IP in the game industry... it will be just an amount of miss opportunities settled by an uninspired game design, a simple copy of few awesome games without the good cook to make the ingredients work together... It's too bad most people will not see the nice ending (SPOILER: even if the choice not to save Elika (like i would have done) would have been awesome (and closer to the character too in my mind) and raised the bar in the end)... too bad.

I started too Re5, and well, you know... there is of course the "Africa" / killing black people things that soe might raised. Well, I'm happy the questions are raised, that's important and part of a democracy, but sometimes, the conclusion of this interesting debate scared me... I will not come back to this huge and particulate debate, just will say that I was not strike by any remorse or shame when killing digital African zombies as far as I played right now (chapter 3.2). OK so to come back to the game, it's a nice technical and polished game, but so far away from it's amazing predecessor Re4... And someone in a recent 1up show kinda explained it better that i would have: there was in between not one, but Two gears of wars, that became the standard and the pupil that beat the master... and I agree. GeoW was an attempt to get the best of Re4 but did not succeed, GeoW2 was, and changed, not that's it's perfect either, but did succeed to change the way controls and pacing was for OTS action games.
so I'll continue to play RE5, but will probably will sell it very fast after to get Madworld that i think I will not like.

I am going to buy for my birthday (that was last month) an Ipod touch, mainly because Skype was recently release on it. It's funny to think that Skype is available on PSP (well, i don't have the new models but anyway, would be the same) and that I don't care at all. I think it all come from the fact that the design of the PSp is "last gen" compare to the Ds and Ipod. And when I'm hearing the rumors of the "PSP 2" from GDC, I must say that if it's a reality, i will be certainly a early buyers: downloadable PSP games AND skype on a cool interface and small console without crappy UMD? can't wait to know if it's real...
It made me wonder too if Skype will be available on DSi too one day. I mean, with the camera on the right side facing the screen, it would be a must have apps on DS for sure... This camera is really what's missing on Ipod touch right in my mind now. those three (well, 4 if you include the Google phone) platforms are really gonna battle for a big same market with their different Pros and Cons and particular uses, it will be tough and interesting... can't wait for E3 :)

to finish, I had thru Steam gift services from a friend the awesome "Harvest, Massive Encounter" and if you guys like Tower defense games, try this one, it's an awesome one, i spend way too many hours on it already :).

and i bought Bit.trip.beat a really fun Wiiware that you should check out, specially if you're an old olg gamers from the 80's.

take care and have a good week!


jeb said...


Thanks for the mention :) (Harvest)

And btw, congratz on the choice awards for Chains of Olympus!

Nico. said...

thx Jeb,
and congrats to you on Harvest again... It's awesome and played again too much tonight :P.
I have to get it on my Mac now to be completely addicted.