December 3, 2008

Already december, already the end of this 2008 year. Well, time is flying, and people get older, that's a fact. I'll soon fly back to France for few days to gather with my family, always nice when you can.

Until then, I'm learning After Effect for improve our cinematic pipeline for next project, and I'm playing few games of Gears of war 2 online, and I started to play Prince of Persia, several friends worked on this one, and I liked to different degree the three previous ones, so I picked it without really checking reviews or point of views of others...
Well, I disliked the beginning, but slowly, I'm getting into it. The Orb collection from platform to platform is fun, remind me the flag collection from Assassin creeds. The visual style of the game is alright, more in the cartoony feeling of Magical Persian legends and dreams, or the ambiance the Sand of tie was offering and it's distant enough from Assassin's creed that I might prefer, even if the two game are very close in terms of action and rhythm. I am not a big fan of the new control (compare to the previous trilogy) way too causal gamer for me, and not fan of the Camera sometimes, but hey... it does not destroy the game, just frustrate you from time to time, I've seen worse ;p.

The only things I really noticed from the video game Industry this week is that Microsoft is adding Flash memory into console, probably cheap to do and a smart solution, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Wii upgraded next year or at some point with little upgrade here and there, like I explain last July in this post:

Well, usually, Nintendo is not upgrading "per se" their home console, just Adding more to what is the base and will always stay, except when it come to the DS I guess... But I still believe in the possibility of a "Wii+" with Wii sport Resort included, a new wiimote with motion plus include, 4 time more HD space (2 gigs instead of 512 megs), and DVD movies player (for the rest check out my old post with everything explained :P.)

and to finish, a little "game" that i liked and take a look to this video analysis of one of the best game of this year: World of goo.

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Bonnes fetes de fin d'annee ;)