July 29, 2008

Never too late to discover interesting subject, I listened and read last week the lecture "Treat me like a lover" from GDC 2008 by Margaret Robertson. It compares and analyzes how close the video game is from a love relationship.You can find her Powerpoint on her blog here and can buy the mp3 here

Sorry for the delays to post this post too, but last week, while reading some articles about Nintendo and Wii motion plus and the lack of storage was a problem after all (is it really?), I had this idea of what Nintendo might do next spring:

they will announce the Wii+ around February 2009 for April 2009 like they did with the Ds lite less than two years after the DS.
Wii+ would cost 249$ with Wii sport Resort included, a new wiimote with motion plus include, 4 time more HD space (2 gigs instead of 512 megs), and DVD movies would now be available to watch.

The simple Wii would drop to 199$ to get rid of available stock (that will not take long :) and be stopped after that.

Some games would immediately be available in store the same day: Metroid Prime M+ (remake of the 1st one on Gamecube with M+ controls and few new effects here and there), and one or two third party casual games, plus, if that's even possible, one or two downloadable patch for 1/1 control on some big sellers (Cod or Madden for example)...
But all new games would with M+ control after that would be presented around next E3 and not be available until last quarter of 2009 and later...and the wii+ would drop in price in March 2010.

That’s my Nostradamus call on what might happens… :).

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