June 26, 2008

It's weird to be back.
Taking few days off is always good, but coming back to the little world of video game's blogs and news and podcast and forums seems so... futile.
Even if after reading my two weeks of unchecked emails and 1000+ Rss news, I feel that I'm a tiny tiny piece of this unnecessary big giant time looser that Internet content is, I will probably continue sometimes to post more casually about really noticeable subjects... because for the rest, you will found everywhere else what you want.

During my short vacation, I played a lot to Prof. Layton on DS, and I must say this game is really fun, even if I don't really care of the adventure, but way more about the puzzles that I would like to have available in a simple list. I will this week buy Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for Ds, because I played like crazy the fist one on GBA. Even if I use my DS usually only when I take the plane (once or twice a year for vacation), it's really a title I am waiting for to play.

I will buy a new computer probably too, the screen of my Dell laptop is dying, and I will probably just go for an Imac... after all, the two game I used to play on a computer are working on Mac (Warcraft 3 and Wow). Even if to be honest, the first things I’ll do will be creating a Windows XP boot in case I need to play some Valve game with friends :P.

Well, Gow Coo is coming out to Japan soon, we will see how the game will perform there, Until then, you can read three articles about PSP.
- The State of PSP...
- Design Lesson - God of War: CoO
- PSPhone rumors creep up again

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MMoi said...

That's why resting is important... it lets you discover what is futile in your everyday's life.

I do take this kind of rest (not more than 3-4 days in a row, still) frequently, and that's the way I manage to stay at a reasonnable distance from internet's craziness ;)