May 26, 2008

Last week-end, I decided to give a try and some money on the acclaim wiiware “Lost Wind”, and I must say the game is great, I am really surprised by how cool it is and how I’m captured by the all the concepts and the universe… perhaps because even with some flaws, You can tell that the game is really making sense with this type of controller. I finished the game after 3h40, and had lot of fun with it, even if it made my console totally crashed while I was looking for all the hided bonuses.
Definitely a title I will look forward to play if any second episode is made.

Even if I had a milestone to take care of, I had the time to listen to some old podcast from 1up recorded during GDC, and I must say than when not speaking about his game, Denis Dyack is a really interesting guy with some good point of view of the market and how it is a closed from a third party point of view. Even if what he’s speaking of, will not come soon (“ One console to play them all “), probably some stuff will move in a long future. Maybe some European Hardware and software actors should go that way and try to build an "universal" console platform.
I have some good idea to go in that direction if any help is needed :P...

I listened too a good podcast from the same GDC period, with Amy Hennig (Even if last ND game is a not great to me, she have very good stuff to say and I still believe this team is one of the most talented anyway), & Lorne Lanning from Oddword, a very clever guy too, who don’t hesitate to say or explain high and clear sometime what other might think silently... Funny that his company just announced this week that they working on a new title, with some Amazing animation and render... can't wait to check that :P.

Microsoft during this time continue to play with consumers on Xbox live, not by upgrading the size limits of Xbox lives games, but by inventing some policy to removed content they might not want anymore...
What will happen to those that bought 'deleted' games if (and when) we need to re-download their purchase...? Why put a stupid meta-critic value into account?
Anyway, since then, lot of others good journalists spoke about this already, so I will not insist on it. Just weird!

I started to listen to this week’s “1up yours” podcast, and they speak about the future of PC games again, and how it may be based on a service like Steam, or maybe even more accurate, “Browser games”... it makes total sense (after all, a browser game will work on EVERY computer, no install or Hardware updates needed for casual users, it will work on PC, Mac, and all other computers with a browser.
Right now, I’m playing Ikariam (a civilization-like game, I’m on the Beta server), and more and more totally based Flash, Java or such games are rising with a huge quality and success (Dofus, Wakfu and With Quake to come)... and I must say I would not be surprised to see the end of very high tech PC games (Crisis-like) replace by the Era of free games (with ads and micro transaction for most of them) working on every computer.

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