May 14, 2008

As you may have already notice, this blog is full of grammar mistakes. I must say that I decided to write this blog in English to try improving myself and progress. And it's not that easy, especially because I’m a lazy French dude, and probably too, because I’m not a very good writer in my birth languages anyway. My wonderful girlfriend who is reading sometime this little blog has the courage to send me some notes and corrections to improve my horrible English writing, and I thank her for that. (Unfortunately for you, it's usually way after articles are already online and seen by most 3 readers, so you won't notice that I’m sometimes correcting some mistakes on old articles :).

This week, the new Wii channel is available and I must say, it's pretty cool to be able to try DS games by downloading demos via your Wii. Just too bad games are not staying long time (Ninja Gaiden is no more already, replaced by the Apollo Justice for example.)

And the new Wiiware games now available (I bought POP, really nice simple game) are (even if the problems of 512 megs will be at one point annoying for me) a really nice add-on to the “services” and Virtual games and channels already there. It really makes my Wii, when connected to internet, a really cool hardware piece that I’m using for a lot of things in my living room (yes, I like checking the news from there, playing games on it, ect…). If it was a DVD player too, I guess I would even not turn on my noisy 360 anymore.

On some other news, this week, Microsoft presented some new games from RARE. They are technically really pretty (this company was always on the edge of technical push more than gameplay imo). I am anyway curious to check both of thoses titles. Viva piñata was fun, and the second one will be better just because of mistakes they learned from the first one.
It’s funny to think that this winter, VIVA PINATA 2 is gonna compete against Nintendo's expected new Animal Crossing (MMO?) for Wii... and that BANJO KAJOOI is gonna compete against LittleBigPlanet for Ps3.
Big battle their, and hudge challenge for M$ on both of them. (I'm sure the Gear of Wars 2 game is way more what 360's owners are expecting this winter... against Resistance 2 for ps3…it will be interesting to check all this.)

To finish with a guess:
Seeing the Two Rare Game, It makes obvious for me that the "360-mote" Newton controller is in the work (both game are just waiting for this type of control), it's just gonna be announced next E3, and guess what, compatible with thoses two games...

Just a guess, time will tell...

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