March 10, 2008

You might have already check this but it was probably an interesting Talk at last GDC: The Games Industry Confronts The Press.

I'm playing Assassin's creed right now, and must say that I’m impressed and have lot of fun collecting flags and killing templars here and there. I’m not that much into the story even if it's driving the general goal of where to go next, I’m kinda impressed by the amount and quality of art content put into the game. Far from being perfect, I'm surprised to have sometimes as much fun as playing Shadow of the colossus when you get ride of all the UI (thx for that) and play the game with just your imagination and no artificial artifact on your screen.

Definitly a game to check for some general choices made in the evolution and presentation of the media.


Lama Himself said...

Funny, I am also playing A'sC since this week-end. I'm really enjoying it.

But still I find it strange to have this huge game, with huge techno with a character really fun to move and to have a game design so thin. The mission are repetitive and unoriginal and even the assasination are quite straightforward and don't need so much preparation.
But like I said It's still fun and enjoyable.

Nico. said...

Totally agree, but I guess I’m creating my own world, and it take me every time 1h to even go to the next city because i love finding flags, templar, or hanging around in every village discovering every house of this little universe. I played yesterday 2 hours in Jerusalem, I didn't even went kill the guy I’m suppose to (i unlocked all the sub stuff instead), it's gonna be for tonight thought :P...

It’s repetitive, but if you invent your own world and game (which I shouldn’t do but i did and i like it) it's fun. Assassin's creed 2 will be probably an awesome game; this one is an awesome technical demo :).