February 15, 2015

DSTROY - 1995-2005 - The Anniversary Album

Ahhh...1995, it was 20 Years ago already!
It was a time were PC were running with Dx2-66 processors or the 1st Intel Pentiums, and of course Windows 95...

That year, with a team of friends, we released our 1st game, a Bomberman-like shareware named DSTROY. It was quite something for it's time, and we probably sold at least 200 units of it overall (we should have sold more with a smarter marketing campaign I'm sure ;).

To celebrate the 20th release's anniversary of the game, we are very happy to share this Album with all the musics of the game, and few extras like more recent remix.


You'l find everything here:

And if you want to discover the game and would like to play it now easily, just click on this link: https://archive.org/details/msdos_Dstroy_1995 and enjoy the full original game from your Internet Browser!

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