November 23, 2008

Alright, I'm back after few weeks without news, during the big month of november where all big games are coming out. To resume, I didn't play that much. I tried on PC and 360 Left 4 Dead: a really cool demo with once again a really good and polish pc game from Valve. But somehow, The game didn't catch me that much, and Gears of War 2 and it's “Horde mode” took the place of the multiplayer game I will play with friends until my free month of gold live will end.
Speaking of Xbox Live, the new Interface is nice, even the unnecessary avatar are kinda well done and only Sony is now missing with HOME some personalized character interface on their console.
The most impressive add-on from the new xbox interface is definitely the Netflix Service, and if you're already a client, Man, that make a service most other users having a different console or renting at Blockbuster would envy. It's really working great and I'm using it already every night. Too bad the Mac service took so long to work, I prefer my TV than my Imac to watch a movie even if it's now working great too in apple computer.

So, to get back to games, I mostly played Gears of War 2, and I must say Epic succeed making this second one polished and better on every angle without changing the recipe. Only the multiplayer matching process suck hard right now, and it can take you more than 5 minutes to found someone to play, making the 5 on 5 not really a good idea compare to the good old 4 on 4 the precious game was offering... anyway, let's hope a patch will come to help at least this process, because the rest is really solid, congrats to them, it's really a great work and they deserve their i hope huge success.

Some other news, I'm starting to slowly re-updating my website, and will give you when it's finish all the links so you can check the videos. I Started too to work with a friend on the creation of a little game prototype of an idea I wanted to make. We are both very busy so everything is going slowly, but who cares, as long as at the end, we'll have something to test to see if it's worth going forward and trying to make a finish product and fun game. I'll keep you inform too on ho it's cooking as it's going forward.

and to Finish, I'm trying to read (slowly when i have the time) two new book i bought recently on two totally different subjects: Proust is a Neuroscientist and Character Animation Crash Course.

Well, that's all folks for now, so have a good week and a nice Thanksgiving for those celebrating it.

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