October 28, 2008

So, the question I wondered about this week was: "Is ps3 will be the " Concorde " of this era ?
Will it be the victim of the crisis and recession, with an economic agenda just not adapted for the particular scheme it seems we're going to face.
My point is not to say that PS3 is not going to sell, but simply that it will never have the success and path predicted because of the crisis and the big changes of priority.
The concord was a top notch plane built for way faster and more comfortable trips, it became this expensive and noisy plane when the first petrol crisis hit the world, making its purpose suddenly out of fashion.
Always better and faster is perhaps not what consumers will want for the few month or years to come, but simply fun for cheap ( that the Wii, PSP and Ds are already offering) will be enough.
Will Blue ray and HD will really expand that fast and become what everyone will look for in the next years to come?
Will the HD era and next console generation will really become when Nintendo will decide it, instead of Sony? Or could it simply be when the public will decide that it's time to move on...

World of goo is a pretty awesome game. I'm playing one or two levels per night when I can, and it reminded me some feeling of surprise, challenge or achievement I had from playing some levels of Mario galaxy or shadow of the collussus.
It is really warming my heart of gamer.

This week, I received back my Xbox 2, waow, it was pretty fast and efficient, let give to Microsoft at least this part they well take care of ! What's funny is that when I turned it on, well, nothing happens... it took me 10 minutes, several retry and one red ring to make it work properly, I laughed a lot during those times... Everything seems to work now and I restarted Tales of Vesperia that I borrowed from a friend. I might quit the game before the end, but I will try to put few hours into it first. I might try Dead space at one point too, It is supposed to be a good game with good feedback from friends around me.
I forgot last week to say that I will probably play the new POP too. Some friends work on it and I loved more or less the three previous games... always enjoy it more than the previous tomb raider.

the little game of the week is hdos-databank-request-01, simple and fun.

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