August 5, 2008

So... Psp is selling very well in Japan right now, and not badly neither in US and Europe, and because of that, some big Japanese titles (from Square, Capcom and more) will follow in the year to come. Some third party dev. from the West will probably give another chance to this hardware, now more powerful and with a bigger install base.
So if we get rid of the Piracy problem, there might be a huge come-back and the PSP will be "condemned" to be a success just over-shadowed in its first years by the "never seen before" sales of the DS...

Speaking of the DS, what's left in the year to come to sell more ?
- a small price drop to $99 is a solution... I can see that after next Christmas (in the western market, and before in Japan)
- A new update, a rev.3...? Well why not with a $129 price replacing the rev. 2 one now a $99, maybe too.
- A new console? In my mind, it's not gonna come until next E3 + 1st sells next November, even if then, Nintendo would have to face a PSP probably then cheaper and with 10-15m install base on every continent... with a PSP 2 around the corner of nov. 2010 to start a new race again...

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