August 16, 2008

Last week, G4 tv organize a contest Gforia 08 and God of war proudly won in the "Best Handheld game" category, against other great game like Patapon, Prof. layton or The world ends with you.
It's always great to win a contest, I guess it mean that the product is good in the eyes of voters, but those awards in y mind don't really mean anything because there is not one big institution doing it right.
It's funny for instance to check the category of Best Graphics (understanding technical Gfx when cheking the contenders and readers / voters of this site) for this G4 event and not having our game in the list of contenders... I mean, what game is pulling out more than us graphics from PSP... oh wait... it's a Handled, so it has to be on a separate special mix-bag category with awesome DS and PSP game from a totally Different genre and way to play...
I don't really care about G4 if they do it right or not, I just take their contest as an example on how even More official and I suppose more serious Awards organization are doing it wrong too.
Take the Bafta, they tend to do it right with some pretty well thought category, but this year, they are adding a new Handheld category, encompassing games for mobiles phones, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo GBA... does that mean that it was because it was too hard to include games of this platform into other categories? I guess not because last year, they indeed put some DS game in the Best Audio and Best Casual Categories, and I guess it's to give a chance to one game fro those platform to win something, but it's just weird...
Specially because in my mind, they shouldn't be one winner, but a list of selected best games of the year on every category... make more sense.

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