July 11, 2008

My 360 broke again, what a shame!!! And I’m not even pissed :)...
I was not playing anymore on it anyway, it's just annoying because i don't have a good dvd player anymore and have to use again my ps2 while my 360 is in a UPS box on the other side of the states... with luck, I’ll have it back when Sc4 will come out, even if i would prefer buying it for a ps3 (better controller and I prefer Yoda than DV.)

Yesterday I listened to Denis Dyack speech on 1up podcast and I must say it's worth listening to (last third of the podcast). It's really interesting and constructive (or destructive) approach on things and even if I think it will not change much from the general direction of our industry, it's worth the try and the discussion.

Of course, or unfortunately, this all buzz would maybe not exist if Too Human was such in troubled with medias and the public, but in general, it's bringing some point that are interesting to discuss. Should Neogaf or forums hater should be banned or referenced, Is it even important (I think it's/they ‘re not), is “Metacritic” and “Rotten tomatoes” the devil, and bringing the end of society, and so one and so one about our little video game community…
Because at teh end, how much of us really care about all this when half of our world cannot eat, have a decent home or have good health insurance right?

Anyway, on a personal note, I bought my 20 inch Imac and I’m pretty happy about it even if I had to replace my first broken one (of course) after 2 days… but since then everything kinda work well. I tried the very funny and amazing Spore creature Editor and cannot wait for the final product. I’m playing on my DS every lunch to FFTA2 and have as much fun with it as with the previous one. I receive my free copy of Okami for the wii (thx you capcom) and will probably start this soon too, might not be too long to catch where I left the game on my ps2 version 2 years ago :).

And during this all summer, we're having a Ping pong Tournament at the office, i proudly won my first mach, it was lot of fun and very tight game... next game next week, can't wait :).

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