June 8, 2008

Well, I am thinking about interesting subject to speak of (The interesting Ubisoft call for PSP direction, the bad habits in the Video game industry, Bonuses and Royalties,...) but I must say I don't really have the time to write them right now, I’ll try after my little two weeks break.

Until then, some links I wanted to gives several day earlier:
Wiiware world to know everything about games to come, Zoomstar (a cool little game) and The Workplace now with a new easier .biz address.


Anonymous said...

Ouais, ca devient YourWorkplace :)
Tiens au fait! Apparemment les invites a ta boites sont renvoyees: lines trop longue que ca dit :/
Faudrait que je vois pourquoi

Nico. said...

oui, etrange ca...
je verrais avec notre admin. quand je rentrerais.