May 5, 2008

Last week, while everybody was playing or speaking about THE GAME you obviously want to put in your post to attract reader on your website, I personally just jumped into the just released MarioKart Wii, few weeks after Japanese and European players already did, and Portal, because it’s never too late to discover one of THE game of last year.

I’m not a hater or a rebel, and the reason I’m not playing GTA right now is mainly because I never play any of it’s predecessor before, except to be honest trying half an hour the very first one on Amiga back then. Since, I was never really attracted by the experience; I kinda just ignore this IP that millions of people seem to enjoy. Anyway, I might try this fourth edition later thought, graphics seems good and the hero have my name… yeah, I might give it a try to the solo experience if I found someone to borrow it from later.
So instead, I’m totally on Mariokart Wii and it’s once again a lesson from Nintendo of fun gameplay for everyone, I have as much blast than the DS one, probably because of the Internet add-on, definitely a plus, it add so much fun to play against 12 other peoples.
I bought the game “just to check” without expecting much from it (American reviews and critics were average, I was not really exited neither) but once again, the game is awesome, and I spend already waaaaay to much time (2h a day minimum) enjoying it.
What I’m amaze about is the fact that you’re playing totally for free.
You don’t pay anything to play online (Microsoft is probably to poor to have a free service), you have NO ads anywhere (Microsoft and Sony are probably too poor again to make you pay AND adding some ads on you menus, when not in the tracks of your races.)
What people forget, is that nothing is free in this world, and so that really mean that Nintendo is paying for what you don’t pay (bandwidth and structures).
Make me think that a service for free is a big plus and I’m surprise to see that no journalist when comparing the two version of GTA never put that on the expensive bill of the 360.

And to finish, let’s speak about Portal. Well, I must say the game is really cool (I played and finished the 360 version this week-end).
Short and funny, new and refreshing, really, a blast specially because not to long. One of the game of 2007 for sure with it's original concept, humor and gameplay, even if not my favorite, mainly because I still have a hard time loving any game with a FP view and it took me some time to appreciate the universe because I was expecting a lot from it after all the critics and jokes friends at the office were making (hard not to be too much spoiled when playing a "classic" 6 month after).
Let’s say I "liked", not "loved" it.

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MMoi said...

mario kart everyday here also... after hundreds of hours on MKDS also. I did post my personnal comments about it on my blog.

I want to play onliiiiiiine ! T_T