April 26, 2008

Taking an already existing IP and let some other artists, authors and companies tweak and play with it, is not something yet visible a lot in Video-game. Usually, when it come to giving an IP to another company, it's often to ask to copy and stay in the already existing universe as close as possible.

But when I see this kind of project, I cannot help myself thinking about how cool it must be to be able to redo from "your" point of view an existing universe with enough liberty of course to please both teams (original people owning the IP and the team in charge of renewing it).

(Jak by Carlo)
And at the same time, I understand how frustrating this peharps might be to work three years for something you don't really own at the end because it's not yours anyway... After all, if you have good ideas, why not just creating your own IP that you will control (and be rewarded for) a little bit more.

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