April 15, 2008

Funny to see that Hirokazu Hamamura is reading my blog... or simply know better than me about what Nintendo may announce this summer. Wait and see.

I finished Assassin's creed yesterday, I must say that I enjoyed being a Flag collector in Jerusalem, a way better games than "Stamp Collection Manager". The possibilities to kill the others flags owners is definitely a plus :P.
Jokes apart, I totally see how some people get bored of the game after a while, but i enjoyed a lot of it, even if some frustrating parts come in play sometimes, and some redundant action and gameplay too. I still think that the game is an impressive well craft IP, and I'm interested to see what the next one will bring!!!

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Pedro said...

I thought about it too since, you talked about the new DS :D; may be some MX have the answer :D