February 18, 2008

Don’t know what to do this week? Well, if you're close to SF, you might be interested in this GDC's Lecture from Nathan Phail-Liff called : GOD OF WAR: Deconstructing an Epic.

(..)Turning a relatively small team on a dime from Daxter to delivering a full God of War experience on the PSP was no small undertaking. With the end goal in mind of producing a title pushing the visual and technological edge of the platform, we were spurred by some painful lessons into evolving our approach towards our art and technology pipeline. Nathan will cover some of the mistakes we made and lessons learned over the course of the project, and how we shifted to more efficiently structure the art production process towards delivering a consistent level of style and polish across the entire game. He'll also explain how our close working relationship between programming and art allowed us to focus our tool set first and foremost on streamlined architecture, minimal maintenance, and fast content iteration times for artists, designers, and programmers alike(..).

Wednesday 12:00- 1:00 Room 2018, West Hall. I will not be there, but it will be certainly an interesting lecture if you want to learn more how we managed to do this game...

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