January 13, 2008

PSP at C.E.S.

or to read with more question and answers here :

(..) Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, God of War, are games that are unique, franchise games, big games, but are unique to the PSP. Daxter is another good example. Obviously, that was a huge franchise with Jak & Daxter, but we take Daxter out of the equation and make a unique game out of it, the Entertainment Pack does well and the game sells like crazy. (..)

(..) When we unlocked it last year, many of the developers were already in their cycle for launching for holiday, so they chose, in their case, not to increase the processor speed. (..) We'll see if consumers really notice it in God of War (..)

... I can tell you that they will :)

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MMoi said...

Qu'est ce que c'est que cette image de GT4 ??? Ils veulent me forcer a acheter une PSP ou bien ? ;)