December 20, 2007

Making List of Best games is fun, all you have to do is created a Categorie for each of the big titles you want to speack about...

Best elevator simulator.
- Mass effect.

Best "i should have played before because now I’m spoiled" Game.
- Portal

Best "exclusive, wait... not" PS3 title.
- Assassins creeds

Best first Wii game.
- Mario Galaxy

Best "same Game you're buying again".
- Halo 3

Best "Tomb Raider-Like and less good than POP" Game.
- Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Best "same Game you're not buying again".
- PES 2008

Best game I still haven't try.
- Peggle

Best un-open game on my shelf.
- Zak and Wiki

Best un-open game on my bag pack .
- Zelda PH

Best "Wiimote" game.
- Metroid Prime 3

Best “I’m you father” sentence in a Game .
- God of war 2

Best Broken Peripheral game .
- Rock Band

Best "60 years after WW2" FPS.
- Cod4

Best game for others I totally don't care about.
- Bioshock

Best Red Ring of Death Hardware.
- Xbox 2

Well, this is just for fun, I haven’t played most of those games completly!
I will do a more "serious" list this week based on games i played enought to give an opinion about it, always interesting to share with others your tastes, specially because I think they may be some surprise in my list :P…

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