November 15, 2007

- How the Videogame Industry Shot Itself In the Joystick--and Why the Wii Has Stopped the Bleeding
(..)What happened, though, is that a gamer's idea of play began to diverge even further from everyone else's idea of play, and that's continued through to the present day. Hand someone who's never played video games a PS3 or 360 controller, and they'll just stare at you. It might as well be the controls of a helicopter (..)

- Study: Online Content Can Double Game Sales
(..)A new study shows a significant correlation between higher game sales and downloadable content from console storefronts, but game companies may be under-utilizing the opportunity.(..)

Bringing Back the Wolf (or How Okami Wii Came to Be)
(..) We needed a talented developer with a track record for quality for the sake of the title, the sake of the fans and for the sake of our board of director’s approval. (..) All the same, arriving at Ready at Dawn was really a serendipitous coincidence rather than a brilliantly planned strategy.(..)

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Daz said...

Youpi, le retour d'étincelle !!! Ca va saigner maintenant ;-)